Monoblock pots hauler Ø375 & Ø460

The monoblock hauler is a hydraulic monoblock pots hauler created to fit on different kind of supports: casing, gallows, bulkhead, etc… in a vertical or horizontal position.

The hauler is built in sealed aluminium. A hydraulic proportional distributor is recommended (not provided), to maximise the hauling power and speed.

Due to its oil flow requirements, the product has to be connected to a hydraulic circuit via an inboard motor.

MONOBLOCK HAULER Ø460mm (ref 101 et 102) :

- Sheaves in metallic steel Ø460mm.

- Works with warps Ø8mm to Ø16mm.

- Hauling power : 600 kg or 1 Ton.

MONOBLOCK HAULER Ø375mm (rEf 104) :

- Sheaves in metallic steel Ø375mm.

- Works with warps Ø8mm to Ø14mm.

- Hauling power : 400 kg.


  • Set of metallic steel sheaves Ø460mm (ref 101610)
  • Set of metallic steel sheaves Ø375mm (ref 104605)
  • Capstan head Ø375mm (ref 375260)


Reference :  101,  102  and 104
Pull kg :  600,  1000  and 400
Speed m / min :  0 to 80
Oil flow l / min :  34, 47 and 27
Service pressure :  175,  175 and 120 bars
Max pressure :  175,  210  and 140 bars
Power :  13.3,  12.3 and 7.3 HP
Dimensions :  43 x 52,  55 x 52  and 40 x 44 cm
Weight :  60,  80  and 26 kg

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Our fishing equipments are used with fishing technics operating with static or drifting gears (pots, longlines and nets). These technics do not deteriorate the seabed and the fishing quality is valued.

We advocate the following values :

  • selective fishing
  • sustainable fishing 
  • and respect of the sea environment

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