Custom made

Based on our experiences in manufacturing hydraulic fishing gear, VIRHYDRO can realised custom made fishing haulers or hauling devices specific to your needs. A project brief is established with our technican in order to identify and understand your project.

We have realised some custom made haulers for the following industries:

  • telecoms
  • research (scientific & submarine)
  • fishing
  • petrol, etc.

Few examples


Our fishing equipments are used with fishing technics operating with static or drifting gears (pots, longlines and nets). These technics do not deteriorate the seabed and the fishing quality is valued.

We advocate the following values :

  • selective fishing
  • sustainable fishing 
  • and respect of the sea environment

Our clients

Our customers are professional fishermen in the inshore fishing industry. VIRHYDRO understands the needs and constraints of these fishermen and our range of fishing equipments has been designed with their boat in mind.

Our products are installed on boats in France, French West Indies (Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guyana, etc.) and world wide: Australia, New Zeland, Malaysia, Hawaï, USA ...

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