About Virhydro

For over 30 years, Virhydro has designed and manufactured some inshore fishing gear.

Its product quality has positionned Virhydro as a specialist in the inshore fishing industry.


Discover our  hydraulic longline hauler TY'HALEUR

Our products

Virhydro offers a range of hydraulic equipments (pots haulers, nets haulers, longlines haulers, hydraulic power packs, fishing reels,...) and a selection of electric haulers.

Our company sells its electric range under the brand HOOKLINE, and some of its longlines hauler under the brand Able Palangre.



Our clients

Our customers are professional fishermen in the inshore fishing industry. VIRHYDRO understands the needs and constraints of these fishermen and our range of fishing equipments has been designed with their boat in mind.

Our products are installed on boats in France, French West Indies (Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guyana, etc.) and world wide: Australia, New Zeland, Malaysia, Hawaï, USA ...

Our commercial brands


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